About Mom Interrupted

     As a home birthing, homeschooling mother of 5, I have learned a little about parenting along the way. I truly believe we can change the world by raising strong, conscious, and connected children. 


    I offer support in intuitively parenting  and being with your children.  Society can heavily influence how we parent. It can be really hard to know what is best for your particular children and situation with so many outside influences and opinions. It can be scary to go against the "normal" route. Yet as parents I truly believe we can tune into and know what is best for our own children. 


     The first step in honoring this dynamic is acknowledging  the innate uniqueness of each child. Since they are all so different, doesn't it make sense to parent each child according to their individual needs?  It makes sense but is so far from the "norm" that even if we want to parent this way it can be a lonely and difficult journey. 

     I started my parenting journey in a remote valley in Hawaii. Far from outside influences and modern technology, I was able to really tune into what my children needed. I had no one telling me how I "should" do it and I was free to figure out what worked best for my family and my children.


     I now live in the "modern" world but those years of honoring my children's unique journey allowed me to continue on the path. I see how different they all are and am still able to do what works for them and not just what works for society. 

     Looking around this world it is easy to see a world in pain. Society has come to value production over satisfaction, and many people are hurting and left behind in this senario. I feel soul called to help the next generation grow into the people they came here to be, not the people society tells them they have to be!

     I am here to help you become a tapped in and confident parent to your child. I can support you on the journey towards something more and hold your hand as you discover the path that is best for your family.   

Feeling like a fish out of water... unab