How Can I Support You?

I feel soul called to help as many parent's as possible have a positive and fulfilling relationship with their child. 

I offer one on one coaching for parents who are looking for a deeper connection to their own intuition as a tool for more connected and impactful parenting.

. We will work on uncovering any hidden blocks or belief systems that limit your ability to tap in on a deeper level.  Much of the work we do will help heal and transform your own "story". This involves examining how you plan to, or currently do parent.  We will also talk about how you were yourself parented.  This healing of old patterns and ideas will help you have a clearer idea of what serves you moving forward!


Once we clear up some of this "baggage" you will have a better idea of what your child truly needs.  The strength of this deeper connection to self allows you to connect on a deeper level to your child. This strength also provides you with the confidence you need to make the best decisions for your child regardless of what society tells you is "best". 

4 Week Program

This program is perfect for those of you who are looking for some guidance and support fostering a deeper connection to yourself and to your child. It is best suited for parents who have already started their own intuitive journey and are looking for more connection. 

12 Week Program

Ready to dive deep into who you truly are and how you can best support your child's journey. This is a beautiful period of time to get to the root of many blocks and hidden beliefs that can hinder your ability to connect on a soul level with your child's purpose.  

6 Month Mentorship

This offering is by far the most impactful. Six months gives us a lot of time to uncover and heal hidden belief systems and blocks. This healing along with learning how to tap into your own intuition gives you a stronger connection to your child's soul journey and how to best parent them as they grow. I can help take the ego out of parenting giving you a trust in yourself and your child that will serve through all the phases of parenthood. This amount of time will give you a solid foundation to grow from. Let's connect! 

Don't just take my word for it.... let's hop on a connect call to see if this is a good fit for everyone.